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vanilla, chocolate, yellow, lemon, red velvet, carrot, chocolate chip, banana, strawberry, coconut, chocolate raspberry and spice

  • ­filling options raspberry, strawberry, chocolate, or lemon
  • with choice of our “in house” vanilla or chocolate buttercream icing
Cake pricing

Basic decoration

script, balloons, polka dots, stars, sprinkles, flowers, etc.

Custom decoration

hand drawn and fondant details, matching invitations, etc.

(Additional charge)

2 tier cakes have a $12.50 stacking fee


Petite cupcakes (orders only)                                 $12.00/dozen

Standard cupcakes (orders only)                           $24.00/dozen

Customized standard cupcake (orders only)        $23.00/dozen

Jumbo Cupcake $4.00                                              $40.00/dozen

Customized Jumbo Cupcake $4.50                         $45.00/dozen


chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar cut-outs, snickerdoodle, seasonal and M&M


OPTIONS                                            SINGLE           DOZEN

Jumbo Cookies & Brownies              $2.00              $20.00

Iced Sugar Cookies                            $2.00              $24.00



Cinnamon rolls                  $3 a piece or $30 a dozen


Cupcake of the month cards $35

Cookie of the month cards $17

Download a printable menu here.

**We request a week’s notice on all orders.

Ahhh, cake. That rich and sweet dessert in every size and shape that always signifies a special occasion.

Weddings, birthdays, retirements and graduations – of course! But perhaps it’s possible to make every occasion special by bringing a Ribbon Box confection with you.  Creating smiles at the office? Taking a “Thank You” to the next level?  Showing teachers your appreciation?

Just because it’s Friday?