Ribbon Box Cakery - About Us - Located in Marysville, OH
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Established in November of 2008, The Ribbon Box Cakery strives to be your one stop shop for special occasions.  You can find us nestled in Uptown Marysville.   

While custom cakes  are our main thing, the cupcakes, cookies, and brownies are pretty sweet too! 

Our gift shop and bakery make us who we are, but we enjoy nothing more than being a part of your celebration…big or small.  

Take a peek at our secret recipe of talent that make up this 7 person team!

ribbon box staff
turtle cookies
cookie cutters
gum ball and chocolate cupcakes


The heart of The Ribbon Box, owner Denene Keifer has been decorating cakes for over 25 years.  She enjoys being a part of the community and bringing happiness into your home with a ribbon tied box of goodness.  More than just the owner, Denene is hands on in decorating, baking, and leading her crew.  Her gratitude for the success of the business she puts in the hands of the community.

Ribbon Box item she can’t live without:  Banana cake scraps



Brooke joined our staff in 2010.  With 6 years under her belt, She is involved with many of the day to day operations.  Queen of the cookie dough, her artistic decorating skills and passion for baking make it clear as to why Brooke has earned a permanent home in The Ribbon Box Family. 

Ribbon Box item she can’t live without:  Chocolate chip cookies with chocolate icing



Baker Extraordinaire!  Kathy’s enthusiasm for baking carries us through our busy weekends.  She is diligent in making sure each order is just right.  We can truly say Kathy’s cookies and cakes are baked with love!  

Ribbon Box item she can’t live without:  Hawiian Delight Cupcakes



You can find Lynda helping customers, making co-workers laugh, and perfecting our gift shop to meet your celebration needs.  Her attention to detail makes entering our store a bit more fun and exciting.  

Ribbon Box item she can’t live without:  Warm vanilla cake scraps



Our newest addition to the team, Leah’s enthusiasm for the bakery world is contagious!  She brings happiness to the front, making customers smile with her sweet personality.  Leah has already learned the skill of juggling the many tasks assigned to her.

Ribbon Box item she can’t live without:  Plain brownie with coffee icing



Jessica’s love for The Ribbon Box almost outweighs her love for our M&M cookies!  Since joining us in 2010, she puts her heart and soul into The Ribbon Box and it shows!  Her fun loving spirit can turn any stressful day into a reason to smile!  Lover of bright colors, children’s birthday cakes, and cats, Jessica’s quick on her feet to help out. She is always up to something whether it be decorating cakes or keeping us organized. 

Ribbon Box item she can’t live without:  M&M cookies, fresh out of the oven



“Jack of all trades” would be an understatement for this 4 year “Box Girl”.  Sara not only makes all our frosting, she has a passion for baking, decorating, customer service, and everything in between!  It’s easy to see The Ribbon Box has a special place in her heart. 

Ribbon Box item she can’t live without:  Lemon Cookies